Album artwork for Acid Test 09.1

Acid Test 09.1 Donato Dozzy & Tin Man

Cat No: AcidTest09.1
Barcode: 4250101470448
13,80 €
  • 660d325215b6e
  • release
The original EP saw acid nomad Tin Man team up with techno dreamweaver Donato Dozzy for three slices of deep acid and dubby, bleepy ambient. In this special 10 Year Anniversary Edition Test 3” comes with a new vocal mix and it’s a welcome return to the mic for Tin Man. Perfectly-placed words sit among chiming bells and are layered deep into the echoes, almost like the synths themselves are speaking. Acid Test 09 proved to be pairing in 303 paradise, but the results outclassed even Dozzy and Tin Man’s special partnership - they created simply a timeless signal that could broadcast through space ad infinitum. Mastered and recut by Rashad.

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