Album artwork for Aeon

Aeon Tobias Oliver



Release date: June 7, 2024
Cat No: minimood025
Barcode: 4250101466984
14,90 €
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  • release
To celebrate the 25th release of its regular series, the long-standing underground label Minimood unleashes minimood025 as a massive 2x12" compound. It features ‘Aeon’ by Tobias Oliver with remix treatment from Bluetrain, AU Cheek, Die Wilde Jagd, JS, Anton Kubikov, as well as Ray Okpara. With its blend of tonal warmth and melancholic touch, this release skilfully infuses the nostalgic essence of the dub techno era and departs on a journey through the more subtle shades of euphoria. As an enthralling special the artwork has been crafted by Milan based sculptor Tillmann Lauterbach applying old plate printing techniques on Travertine stone.

The original track, 'Aeon,' by Tobias Oliver, is a stripped-back melancholic techno masterpiece. Its rolling bassline and synth punches throughout induce a beautiful state of perpetual contemplation. Die Wilde Jagd constructs his ambient ‘Last And First Remix’ as an otherworldly story from start to finish, where dreamlike drones, ripples and chirps transcend to uncharted places. The ‘Well Well Remix’ by AU Cheek hypnotizes with distorted sounds creating a murky atmosphere and offers an intriguing take on minimal techno. Focussing on a rolling bassline Ray Okpara’s ‘Lost Lovers Remix’ unfolds echoes of the synth from the original that swirl and flutter around in ghostly ways. The ‘Special Edition Dub’ is minimal dub techno in archetypical form provided by Bluetrain: his signature sound dub effects and addictive groove are irresistible. JS’s ‘Reflective Reshape’ forms a slice of blissed-out dub techno with quixotic white noise-filled depths. Lastly, Anton Kubikov navigates his ‘Frail Snowflakes Remix’ through minimal soundscapes guided by a floaty atmospheric acid bassline enhanced with robotic whispers.

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