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Release date: June 7, 2019
Cat No: LSR023
Barcode: 4250101404436
9,20 €
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  • release
JakoJako makes her debut on Leisure System with Aequilibration, an EP of diverse, experimental tracks aimed at the dancefloor.

In F22.0, waves of paranoia break over driving, asymmetric rhythms, offset by soothing, whispered vocals. Kogn. Dissonanz maintains the tension, making clever use of polyrhythms and blasts of machine gun fire. The B-side takes a more hopeful turn with Resilienz, where warm oscillations cluster around a simple but effective groove, and the restrained cries of Katharsis close the EP with powerful intimacy.

Self-taught and primarily a live performer, JakoJako makes extensive use of modular synthesis in her productions and on stage. ”Depending on how you configure your system, you can design a completely different instrument every time. I love when it’s surprising me.” When not in the studio, her expertise is put to use advising well-established artists on their own systems at Berlin’s synth-mecca SchneidersLaden.

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