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Affekt & Tradition

Release date: March 29, 2019
Cat No: KHR003
Barcode: 4250101405327
10,20 €
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There is a rumble in the Alps. The animals are nervous and on the high plateaus, where the meadows are lush and green, some people might feel a cold shiver down their spines. The chamois know: With her second EP Viennese artist Conny Frischauf will deliver a masterpiece. On her 2018 debut »Effekt & Emotion« (International Major Label) she delved deep into a well-curated atlas. Whether in the desert or in the vast world of cosmic music and its companions – all is well wherever Frischauf goes. But now, on her sophomore EP – wittily named »Affekt & Tradition« – she will not only make her first appearance on Kame House, but also create an entirely new genre: Welcome to the »Alpen-Avantgarde«.

The opener »Halbzeit« opens both ear and mouth. Alphorns roar through the valleys, the wind blows soflty, sometimes harder through the hair, and gentle yodelling echoes from the other side of the mountain pass. It all sounds naive, funny almost, but in reality it is deeply intense and utterly touching. On »Wie du mir« the new avant-garde takes on the next step, intertwining slowly-crescendoing off-kilter synth lines, casual strings and the artist‘s lovely voice with so many other elements, creating a well-tempered climate that infuses bed linen and hair with a spring-like scent. The B-side-opener »Auf und Nieder« gently embraces the current trend of austro wave and opens up the entire wonderful world of 70s/80s underground jazz pop while visiting Vienna’s Prater (or any other fair). Love awaits between cotton candy and subtle masquerade. If you haven‘t found your way around by then, Frischauf provides a »Kompass« at the end. The final piece of this gem takes you back to the topographical descriptions of love using alpine landscape imagery. Love is not necessarily a battlefield, but certainly a hike. »Weit Weit, Weit Weit, Weit Weit«!

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