Album artwork for Album Desconhecido

Album Desconhecido P. Adrix

Release date: February 23, 2018
Cat No: P022
Barcode: 4250101425998
13,70 €
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Raised in Lisbon by Angolan parents but now residing in Manchester, P Adrix is not your average maker of bass music. Take a listen to this debut album and you'll find a breathless range of African, European and British influences brilliantly melded into intoxicating new shapes. Most of the tracks could be considered Kudoro, though his take on the style - peppered with grime-style eight-bit melodies, traditional Angolan percussion, chopped-up samples and the big, ballsy sub-bass of British dubstep - is not like any Kuduro record you will have heard before. As a result, Album Desconhecido is that rarest of beasts: a full-length release that's as exciting and entertaining as it is revolutionary.

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