Album artwork for All in Good Time

All in Good Time Black Bones

Release date: June 16, 2023
Cat No: OMDD 050
Barcode: 4250101457890
Digital Single
OMDD 050
Presenting Belfast’s Black Bones.

Born out of a shared obsession for crate digging, collecting, and the playing of weird and wonderful music, their releases so far have manifested in a highly-sought series of psychedelic disco 12”s. OMDD presents their first ever digital release fusing the sounds of early 1980s Downtown New York with 21st Century beats and massive Dub DNA injections.

They say: “No longer in our Belfast studio, wedged between the everyday mundane. We are in the ‘down town’ New York bar that lives inside our mind. Gathered with people of the night, getting drunk and getting high, anything feels possible, yet all in good time.

Drums roll, the bartender cranks the volume up, as the sax begins to play. Time pointing towards morning, yet people want to stay.

Faces change as wonder sets, as to where their night has gone. Yet we play anything we want because it’s almost dawn. Introducing familiar sounds that mutate into something new. As always, Sherwood never far from thought, some pressure, just for you!”

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