Album artwork for Aller Ende Anfang 001

Aller Ende Anfang 001 Various

Cat No: AEA004
Barcode: 4250101455339
14,90 €
  • 63fc7aa1481b3
  • release
Aller Ende Anfang releases their first Various Artists EP, encompassing 5 energetic tracks opening up a spectrum from breaky to straight, from powerful to dreamy. Side A pushes forward with flickering breakbeat electro by Icelandic Jadzia, whereas Bielefeld Murder Boys deliver a hard-hitting remix of Lord Pusswhip's "SVEIGÐ". Newcomer Unwucht strikes with a total rave hit based on DJ Slugo's "Back Da Fuck Up", rounding out this driving side of the record.The more pensive side B opens up with "Splinters", an experimental and surging piece by crouds, which is accompanied by an ethereal and melodic breakbeat jam by aspiring Hungarian artist LAU.

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