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Alpha Key EP Robert Hood


M Plant

Cat No: MPM46
Barcode: 4250101470936
13,20 €
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Following on from the special release of Robert Hood and Femi Kuti's live jazz set "Variations", Robert Hood delivers his latest Techno EP for M-Plant. This is the first new solo music from him since 2022's "Hectic / Amazon Dust" double-header.

Although Robert Hood should need little introduction, with his and his daughter, Lyric's Floorplan moniker riding high with a new album forthcoming on Classic, his Techno legacy should not be forgotten. Throughout the '90s, he helped pave the way for Techno to flourish - giving birth to minimal techno with his seminal album "Minimal Nation". Since then, he has been consistently forwarding electronic music culture with ground-breaking productions, sensational performances and his M-Plant label. His style is characterised by minimalist and experimental tones with an assertive groove.

His "Alpha Key EP" features four driving cuts of characteristically Hood music that prove when it comes to Techno, he's still a high-ranking master.

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