Album artwork for Amadeus

Amadeus Wolfram

Release date: September 13, 2019
Cat No: PP-LFE-01
Barcode: 4250101408885
18,90 €
14,90 €
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"Wolfram is a friend you want to keep. He is also one of the last real entertainers in show business. Co-existing in many worlds, he is always able to surprise you. He is a good observer with a great timing. The way he processes cultural developments in his work is always on point.

Most importantly he has a good sense of humour.

His second album “Amadeus” to be co-released by “Live From Earth” and “Public Possession” (DFA Rec. overseas) perfectly intertwines all the above-mentioned facets.

On the ten tracks of the Album there are guests as diverse as Peaches, Yung Hurn, Egyptian Lover, Pamela Anderson and Haddaway.

A normal day in the life of Wolfi. He has many friends and you should join them. Enjoy the Album."

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