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Amnesia (Lindstrøm Remixes) Radio Slave ft. Cagedbaby



Cat No: REKIDS244
Barcode: 198391884146
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Lindstrøm remixes Radio Slave ft Cagedbaby ‘Amnesia’ The first remix package from Radio Slave’s ‘Venti’ LP features a remix and instrumental from the Norwegian artist. A key single in the run-up to Radio Slave’s ‘Venti’ LP, the distinctly Balearic ‘Amnesia’ cut, which was the sound of Pikes in 2023, is remixed by Norwegian nu-disco pioneer Lindstrøm following the LP’s release in May. The original saw Matt Edwards team up with long-time collaborator Cagedbaby, aka Tom Gandey, for a blissful sunset track that won support from the likes of David Holmes, Sean Johnston, Jennifer Cardini, Peter Kruder and Perel. cOn the ‘Amnesia’ remix package, Lindstrøm turns the downtempo breakbeat in Radio Slave and Cagedbaby’s original into a more upbeat groove with hints of 80s and 90s Euro-Dance in its piano breakdown and squelched-up acid-drenched guitar bass. The Norwegian artist, known for his frequent collabs with Prins Thomas and all-around superb nu-disco works, maintains the original’s sultry vocal, neatly scrubbed off in the instrumental mix for those looking for a party-staring club tool in this evoking ode to Ibiza.

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