Album artwork for Amour Liquide

Amour Liquide Abschaum



Release date: April 24, 2020
Cat No: AZZ32
Barcode: 4250101416873
Digital Single
More than a year ago, we came up with the idea to propose to our friends from Abschaum to take care of their first remix ep. They just had released an amazing album entitled "Moon Tango" - a piece of music was full of savage guitar riffs, hypnotic melodies, krautrock inspired grooves and delicious french vocal touches. Honestly, there was everything a remixer would need to make an amazing club killer. This idea has turned into two amazing remix packs. For the first one, we have invited one of our Italian favorite Fabrizio Mammarella and two of our core artists Bozart, and Marabou.  Bozart opens the ep and offers us a full electronic reinterpretation that puts the emphasis on the nasty bassline and the french vocal from Chris Poincelot. This remix is sexy and can set the mood to any of your sets.  Fabrizio Mammarella has turned "Chemin des Ombres" into a dancefloor punk indie dance track. Something that gives prior to the bassline and guitar riffs all along the track and use the vocal to create a growing tension during the breakdown... Killer !! Finally, label staple, Marabou impresses as always with this dreamy and delicate remix of Amour Liquide. We particularly love how he has treated the vocal to make it more robotic.

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