Album artwork for Angolan Cry EP

Angolan Cry EP Tsheps & Mash

Release date: November 5, 2021
Cat No: Connected 090
Barcode: 4250101437601
Digital Single
Connected 090
This pair is based in Cape Town, South Africa and have released their first couple of singles on Moblack and Sudam Records. They are inspired by peers like Black Coffee, Themba and Da Capo and find themselves right at the forefront of the wave of talents currently coming out of South Africa. They have a sound steeped in history and heritage but one that looks firmly to the future.

The moving 'Angolan Cry' has a thick and dirty bass drum powering it along, while offbeat resonant pulses and ethereal voices, shakers and cowbells all add to the intoxicating feel. Once the rhythm builds, tubular bells provide a counter melody and heady arps lead you into another unforgettable drop.

Enoo Napa is a self-taught producer from the township of Umlazi, Durban and an artist known for his cinematic sound of raw, heavy, Afro-tinged electronics on the likes of Nervous and Go Deeva. For his brilliant remix, he layers ambient rhythms on clanky drums. Shrapnel-like percussion hits and hooks you in as this most melodic of grooves unfolds and takes you on a mystic trip. It is a magical track that brims with musical character.

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