Album artwork for Ani

Ani Rumanians

Release date: May 22, 2020
Cat No: Espectro 03
Barcode: 4250101417641
Digital Single
Espectro 03
Ani by Rumanians is the third deliver of Amplio Espectro and it is pure dance hypnosis. Tasted in every basement of Buenos Aires this three-track EP brings fresh psychedelia with three different levels of Club intensity. “Ascendente” is the primitive peak time track. “Noche” is a low-profile trip that could squeeze at any moment of the night (noche means night). And “Ilusión” is a subtle afterhour gem that will make you feel the morning sun in your skin. Ani Castoldi divides her time in three musical activities that are vital for Buenos Aires underground and queer scene: Rumanians, Dengue Dancing parties and her dance pop duo Ibiza Pareo. Amplio Espectro is Carisma´s label that will release music only for one year with monthly news and with this third release the label starts sharply defining its concept: a wide spectrum of electronic music to dream in the club or to bluetooth dance in bed.

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