Album artwork for Anthology pt.2

Anthology pt.2 Jacob F. Desvarieux

Release date: June 30, 2017
Cat No: Endless Flight 80
Barcode: 880319857416
Endless Flight 80
11,20 €
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the second part of the jacob f. desvarieux anthology on endless flight brings three more productions of the fabled french zouk veteran with roots in guadeloupe.

the song “sika” by georges décimus, bass player of desvarieux’s band kassav, features outer-national synth works driven by salsa-like percussions and sweet steel-drum melodies, dancing around the seducing zouk guitar chords of desvarieux. a truely moving psychedelic zouk gem, that is for the first available on vinyl only since its release on georges décimus’s solo debut mini-album “la vie” in 1983.

the second song “avèou doudou” was firstly released in 1985 and was written by the martinique born zouk star and former kassav keyboarder jean-claude naimro. his tune spreads feathery synth-laden caribean boogy vibes, enlarged by his tempting voice and more zouk guitar magic by desvarieux.

the third gem comes from the zouk pioneer patrick saint-éloi, listens to the name “do bay lan main”, was never re-released since 1984, features the former kassav singer saint-éloi on the microphone, electric piano, organ and mini moog and gets once again softly heated by jacob f. desvarieux’s enchanting zouk guitar virtuosity.

as already on the jacob f. desvarieux: anthology pt 1. release, japanese producer for special affairs kuniyuki delivers a unique edit. his version of “sika” is made for eternalness dance floor moments.

the steel drums dance with more magic than in the original. propelled by spaced out synth-sounds, echoed drums and the discreet guitar chords of desvarieux, kuniyuki’s version of “sika” is ready to be a mind-expanding summer hit on all open minded dancefloors around the globe.

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