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Aparece En Sueños Nova Materia

Release date: September 18, 2015
Cat No: KTDJ037
Barcode: 880319721311
8,70 €
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Caroline Chaspoul and Eduardo Henriquez mapped the scenes of Europe and Latin America for over 12 years with their band PANICO. Combining a taste of post punk with latin energy "straight from Chile", PANICO heralded the heyday of the punk funk revival in Europe and became a cult group in Latin America. Ten albums later, Caro and Edu have launched a new project : NOVA MATERIA.  NOVA MATERIA was born from the willingness to consider music as a direct derivative of the natural and industrial elements that surround us. More electronic and experimental than PANICO, the duo uses raw material to transform and recycle : scrap metal tubes, stones rubbed on metal, drum, beat boxes, bass, electric guitars used as percussions....To refine their sound Caro and Edu nabbed DJ and producer CHLOE, a real expert in turning raw elements into golden nuggets. NOVA MATERIA is a two-headed hydra: one tropical, the other industrial. Their first EP "APARECE EN SUENOS" is a concentrate of wild energy, live act ferocity and sound experiments magnified by CHLOE. TRACK LIST : *** A1 – Aparece en sueños  sounds faster than it is. In these days of slow-mo whatever, it is a good thing. A Mustang on the loose [V8 please]. Some may see it as post-kraut with psychedelic vocals, and yes, it has the best air of DER WILDE JAGD or others. But it is also a great club stomper, shuffling with rage to the great boogie finale. Do not fade before the end. *** B1 – Contorsion : Wonky percussions, experimental rhythms and textures, from the corner of their eyes never losing the dance floor.  Industrial kick up-front, pop synth hook. There you have it. *** B2 – Bell Phantom : It is what it says. The rage dragged down in the mud. Until something darker emerges,and gets chased up by one of the most spaced out guitar-riffs of this year. This is Mink Deville meeting Marc Almond. Now that's an idea.

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