Album artwork for Ape Shit Crazy EP

Ape Shit Crazy EP Keith Carnal

Cat No: BPX017
Barcode: 4260600221892
11,20 €
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Keith Carnal returns to BPitch with a rousing three-track excursion into the visceral side of techno. Stocked with deadly drum arrangements, thumping kicks and imposing basslines, Keith’s armoury is well equipped to cause maximum impact on the dance floor. The title cut takes us straight into the depths of Carnal’s wild mind, with a bombastic cut that utilises a pitched down spoken word vocal. The storyteller takes us into a world of after party excess and ‘ape shit craziness’ as the beats pump relentlessly. It’s debauched, heavy and utterly alluring... Next up is ‘FreizeitAktivita¨t’, firing on all cylinders with a snub nosed kick and slinky snares, that lead us into the main body of the track where a hypnotic melody plays out. The melody is emotive and evokes a feeling of solemnity, all the while those powerful drums fuel a rapid pace. Lastly, ‘WiederGutMachung’, a brooding cut where Carnal employs a stripped back arrangement to great ef- fect. The main riff has an unsettling feel, cultivating an anxious atmosphere complemented by the pounding beats.

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