Album artwork for Aria

Aria Argy

Cat No: AL083
Barcode: 4250101467301
12,80 €
  • 659e62ec7c60b
  • release
Argy returns to Afterlife, linking up with Omnya to bring forth this captivating release. Together, they’ve crafted ‘Aria’, a mesmerising cut with an undulating low end and hypnotic vocal refrains. The choir-esque sample is skillfully segmented and reiterated, forging an electrifying atmosphere and triggering a heady juxtaposition of euphoria and ominous tones. In combination with the pulsating bassline and uplifting melodies, it’s a sonic portal to a realm beyond the ether. On the flip Argy and two-man outfit Goom Gum team up. The trio get together for the first time on this cut, pouring their respective energies into a powerful composition. ‘Pantheon’ utilises a rousing vocal symphony, with a rolling bassline, an urgent melody and a goosebump-inducing breakdown to devastating effect.

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