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Asbestos (Sleeparchive Remix) / Left Regis / Re:Group

Cat No: INF-011R
Barcode: 4250101465376
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A snapshot in time...Where all the madness began... Sandwell District. In the summer of 2004 David Sumner (Function), then living in his native New York City, was over in Europe playing some shows. When passing through Berlin to play the old Tresor location at Potsdamer Platz, he stayed with long term friend and collaborator, Karl O'Connor (Regis). One afternoon the two head over to Hardwax and T++ puts on a copy of Sleeparchive Elephant Island. After months of discussions regarding the flavor of the moment "Minimal", everything changed in that instant...They looked at each other and said "now this changes everything!" Finally, a way forward! Later that night at Tresor - as Function is playing, Regis is behind him organizing a mic...As Dave mixes Regis Guiltless with Elephant Island, Karl starts singing a punk cover version of Buddy Holly Peggy Sue over his set. It's all there in that one moment! Sandwell District. Dave goes back to New York inspired. He sees there's no information on the record apart from an email address. So, he gets in touch...He gets a reply from Roger, the two hit it off and organize the first ever Sleeparchive remix - Regis Asbestos (Sleeparchive Remix). On the B-side comes a cut-up version of Karl and Dave's Portion Reform classic Closing In, where they collaborate with Detroit Underground's Kero to form Re:Group. Adding deep 808 rhythms combined with Kero's signature Max MSP IDM madness, Left provides the perfect counterpart that made this EP the instant classic it became 18 years ago. Now, remastered in all its glory, sounding fresh, massive and better than ever - available on BandCamp for the first time - Infrastructure presents; Regis Asbestos (Sleeparchive Remix) b/w Re:Group Left.

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