Album artwork for Ashambeni

Ashambeni Cee ElAssaad / Thandi Draai

Release date: April 26, 2024
Cat No: Connected 142
Barcode: 4250101470189
Digital Single
Connected 142
Thandi Draai, a leading lady in the Afro house scene, has made her mark through her influential radio show in South Africa, her numerous great singles and compilations for Get Physical, and her work on this pivotal label. She is a DJ, producer, and vocalist who is shaping the global Afro sound. She collaborates once again with fellow scene figurehead Cee ElAssaad, a chart-topping artist known for his versatility and celebrated for his collaborations with artists like Antonio Ocasia and Janne Tavi. The magnificent 'Ashambeni' is an almost eight-minute journey into deeply captivating drums and soulstirring synth craft. The bright sequences loop and rise up through the mix while the spine-tingling vocals are rousing and empowering over organic percussion and moving bass that will sweep up the dance floor.

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