Release date: May 3, 2019
Cat No: D-Edge Rec 035
Barcode: 4250101404160
9,20 €
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Renato Ratier is one of the most important names in Brazilian and South American electronic scene not only as the creator of the d-edge club and partner of Warung club, two of the world's leading electronic music clubs. As a producer and citizen of the world, this time the artist found inspiration in the middle of the Atacama desert in Chile during a trip to a gig in that country. Definitely, the vibe and atmosphere of this unique place, suggested to Ratier a track full of personality as well as his work as a producer. While working on his new album, Ratier offers us a precious and pulsating track, with a striking square bassline and a hypnotic line of chords and synths. To complete this special package, Ratier invited two of the most important djs and Brazilian producers to bring their remixes.Ney Faustini and A.84 with their brilliant jobs.