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Atlantis COMA



Release date: June 2, 2014
Cat No: Kompakt 299
Barcode: 880319092510
Kompakt 299
11,20 €
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
After releasing their much-acclaimed full-length debut IN TECHNICOLOR (KOMPAKT 279 CD 106) last year, COMA returns to the fore with ATLANTIS, another yummy slice of catchy dance floor bliss and a persuasive testament to the seemingly infinite willingness of the Cologne-based duo to explore the whole gamut of electronic pop music.

Never the ones to stick to only one gun, COMA's Marius Bubat and Georg Conrad are known to challenge themselves on a daily basis in the studio, always looking for a new melodic angle or rhythmic snippet that will help them to spread the magic. Opening the EP in true COMA style, title track ATLANTIS is a particularly swinging neo disco opus brimming with funky hooks and romantic synth pads, all coalescing into the trademark buoyancy the duo has become known and loved for.

MAELSTRØM continues that trend in spectacular fashion, reinforcing the funk elements and vibing hard with the imaginary soundtrack to your favorite 70's vintage cop show, finely seasoned with a hint of acid. By contrast, closing track BLUEPRINT dials back the cliffhangers and aims for a slightly more introspective blend, reverting to and refining the wonderfully melodramatic vocoder musings of a COMA classic like FICTION from their 2011 synthfest GRAVITY (KOMPAKT 236).

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