Album artwork for Atonal

Atonal Psyk & Orbe

Cat No: MOTE069
Barcode: 4250101469251
13,20 €
Mote-Evolver favourite and Non Series label head Psyk returns to Luke Slater's label alongside fellow returnee Orbe, known for his eponymous techno community, making for a top-tier duo made up of Spanish scene frontmen exploring the deeper end of techno. 'Atonal' is hypnotic, multi-functional, and perfect for the record bags of any artist interested in spinning a journey.

The title track of Psyk & Orbe's 'Atonal' on Luke Slater's Mote-Evolver features clever, ever-progressing arrangements and mechanical rhythm shot through with futuristic bleep. Its dub-like atmospheres are then followed by 'Tunnel Diode', which sees the pair implement raw, wonky soundwaves swirling around delicate drum patterns.

The B-side starts with 'Superconductor', an electrifying trip boasting rapid-fire sequences and reversed drum shots sitting in between its steady beat, before 'Maths' closes the record via a slow-burning groove and mysterious, otherworldly synth textures.

Psyk & Orbe 'Atonal' drops on Mote-Evolver 23rd February 2024.

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