Album artwork for Auf Der Ufer

Auf Der Ufer Eddie C

Release date: July 21, 2017
Cat No: Endless Flight 81
Barcode: 880319863011
Endless Flight 81
11,20 €
8,96 €
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last year producer and dj eddie c released his third endless flight album “on the shore” - a compelling musical trip of drifting repetition in rhythm and melody. now he drops a new ep, consisting of three new track and “auf der ufer” – a tune he did with his norwegian buddy rune lindbaek, that is dancing a cosmic dance and that was never released on vinyl before. the three other works are crossing different territories. the eight minutes meditation “pumapunku” marries balearic flair with otherworldly synth-spheres. the also epic “inner piece” opens the house box with waving basslines, furious chord suspense and some unexpected breaks. the final is marked by “lonely without you” - a funky blue tune that brings in some peoples potential unlimited vibes for endless autobahn rides.

another heartfelt arranged mix off instruments, synths, samples and drum machines by eddie c, the heartfelt canadian in berlin.

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