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Autel ep Stephanie

Cat No: LOC003
Barcode: 4250101428128
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Raised in Corsica, Stephanie made a name for herself as a dj in Paris but more recently focused on producing her own sound. The roots of her musical style are deeply entrenched in Pop, House and Ambient music, all genres that to her reflect our human desire to express our feelings. Her heartfelt debut, AUTEL, released on new label Lake Of Confidence, is an invitation to be fully present in the moment and listen to ourselves with awareness. The track "Disarm" is an uplifting tonic for the soul and could not have come at a more fitting time, encouraging the letting go of fear. Stephanie's grounded voice and the tender tones of the music take us on a liberating journey and reminds us of what is important in life - to move beyond ourselves and embrace joy. The captivating "Unchain" and the Superpitcher remix of the track, are both powerful guides for deep contemplation. Each beat is a metaphor of the breath of life, space and the impressive vastness of this extraordinary mystery we live in.

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