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Avichrom Dominik Eulberg



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For the artist Dominik Eulberg, nature has always been a source of inspiration, a place of strength and retreat. Since the beginning of his now 28-year career, he has paid homage to it in his works, using all the stages offered to him to celebrate its beauty and diversity.

Now the studied conservationist is releasing his sixth album: Avichrom. This artificial word means "bird colours". For this album Eulberg dedicates himself to the colours in the plumage of birds, eleven of whose exuberant variety have made it into the German names of native bird species, from Grünfink (Green Finch), Goldregenpfeifer (Golden Plover) and Blaumeise (Blue Tit) to Purpurreiher (Purple Heron) and Schwarzhalstaucher (Black-necked Grebe). They serve as guides on his musical expedition into ornithology. "In the end, making music is nothing more than selecting from an infinite number of options," he says, "and in this respect the birds helped me find a common thread in the midst of all these possibilities.

The sketches for the songs were created during two intensive weeks in the Corona-Lockdown winter and were elaborated, arranged and mixed by him in the months that followed. Eulberg used the enforced break from performing at festivals and in clubs to fervently hone the details. The result is Avichrom, an album that is touching the very first time you listen to it, yet reveals new details every time you listen to it again. Similar to a walk through nature, ever new structures, ever different elaborate ramifications reveal themselves to those who listen carefully: only with time does the true beauty, the sublime complexity reveal itself.

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