Album artwork for Baghel EP

Baghel EP Various Artists

Cat No: Ancient Future 003
Barcode: 880319831812
Ancient Future 003
9,70 €
'Tis time to travel the the trail to the third turnout that we left there for you in the gloom. So let's not waste any more words (and "T" letters) and get into it. First up is JOHANNES KLINGEBIEL, whose "All Around Me" is all about reduction. Roland drums, bassline, one or two synths, that's it. And it bangs! As does "Toe Sucker", the acoustic evidence that a lot of chefs can cook up something extra tasty indeed, even if the ingredients come from three different continents, as TUNNEL SIGNS, DAVID MARSTON and MAX SCHMITT bring them along from their hometurfs in Australia, America and Europe, with a little extra flavouring provided by Johannes Klingebiel. The product is a spicy slow burner, with a healthy portion of acid added to the mix. Turn the record around and you'll find Paris poster boy SUNROM getting his voodoo thing on with "Shaman Echoes", which will shuffle its way into the deepest compartments of your bewitched brain. The rest is silence. Ha, no! The rest is "Wall". JULIAN STETTER's beast of a track mounts through the whole spectrum of frequencies that the gods of audio have given us in ancient times, back then, three days ago.

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