Ballibat Remixe

Label: Kompakt
Release date: October 1, 2012
Cat No: Kompakt Digital 027
Barcode: 880319072512
Undoubtably a sublime highlight on TARAGANA PYJARAMA’s album debut “Tipped Bowls” (Kompakt 259/CD 101), BALLIBAT was a sweet, atmospheric wobbler exploring unusual beat structures and featuring a goosebumps-worthy melody. It may not have been an obvious choice for most prime times, but nonetheless made its mark in the more adventurous playlists. Now, Kompakt is proud to present BALLIBAT REMIXE featuring premium reworks sure to spellbind all kinds of floors. Synth jam expert Philip LAUER starts the proceedings with his ingenious version of “Ballibat”, where we see him trimming the original’s entangled tropes and exhibiting them on a sunny clearing in the middle of the forest. A truly uplifting workout, the “Lauer Mix” doesn’t stop short of anthemic moments, but knows how to carefully translate a rather intimate mood to a floor full of eager dancers. Installing himself as a whizkid on both Surfer House and Future Bass fronts, upcoming WESLEY MATSELL continues the jacking path already ursued on his Studio Barnhus-backed release “Zones Within Zones” and presents two distinct versions working the crowd from all angles. Together with the Lauer Mix this makes for an absolutely vital package certain to provide for all walks of life.

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