Album artwork for Bangalore Whispers Single

Bangalore Whispers Single Andi Otto

Release date: September 30, 2022
Cat No: Pingipung 052.2
Barcode: 4250101442728
Pingipung 052.2
10,20 €
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  • release
Andi Otto’s Bangalore Whispers gets finally repressed. The psychedelic track which he recorded together with the Indian singer MD Pallavi in 2016 has become a hit in the downtempo scene around the globe (“Saaaa - resa nisa”). Pingipung press a new edition of the much sought after single on the occasion of their 20th label anniversary. In this 2022 edition the original track is paired with the Peter Power remix which has not seen the light of day on vinyl before.The Brazil-based producer slows the track down a notch and adds even more space. A perfect tune both for the dancefloor or meditation.

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