Album artwork for Bango EP

Bango EP Philipp Matalla

Release date: October 4, 2019
Cat No: OMDD 015
Barcode: 4250101410383
Digital Single
OMDD 015
Optimo Music Digital Danceforce presents perhaps its most challenging (with regard to the dancefloor) release, but also one of the most exciting and rewarding. Wild industrial strength mutant dub music.

Philipp says –I’m living and working in east Germany’s triangle of Halle, Leipzig and Berlin. I released some records and tracks before on several labels like Internasjonal, KANN or Kashual Plastik.

The tracks for this EP were produced between 2016-2019. They were made using several different sound sources like recordings, synths, samples etc. A couple of them turned into something quite far from its origin by processing the material heavily to serve certain purposes.

Musically, I always try to emphasize short moments of “truth” instead of creating perfect constructs. So it’s more about stretching these snapshots over a certain period of time to make them longer available.Therefore, I also like to maintain raw states in terms of sound and use the material to offer more abstract versions of what is usually available in electronic music or club culture.

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