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Remixed Bas Dobbelaer, Vand

Cat No: SOHASO041
Barcode: 4250101455407
12,80 €
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Donato Dozzy, Marco Shuttle and Ultrastation are among the names on these great remix package on the trustworthy SoHaSo label. After two well received EP's -Laren and ZL2- Bas Dobbelaer and Vand asked a few like-minded spirits to reset the dials of some of their best work. With their melancholic, melodic and highly detailed techno-infused productions, the two Dutch producers carved a name for themselves over the last four years. Italian producer Donato Dozzy takes Transit (a track from 2019) into a lush, green forrest. Where dew water is still dripping from the trees while string-like melodies slowly swirl around them. Beautiful stuff. Gal Tsadok-Hai takes a similar path, though his take on Gateway to Gaia is a bit gloomier. Dusk is setting in and so is melancholia. Same goes for Marco Shuttles version of Reflect, a track from 2021. The London-based Italian producer left out kickdrums and basslines, settling instead for a feverish percussion-infused meditation. Once on the flipside, the club vibe truly kicks in. With a minimalist, bassline heavy remix by Shoal of Story of Blade and an equally effective techno remake from Ultrastation, who turns Runner into a hypnotic peak time monster.

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