Album artwork for Bass Up In The Mix  EP

Bass Up In The Mix EP K.J. Gibbs



Release date: November 8, 2010
Cat No: ADIG08
Barcode: 880319496110
This lost little gem of funky weirdness finally gets a release! Originally slated to come out a while back on a now defunct label, the "Bass Up In The Mix" EP finally sees the light of day....or....morning depending on where you are. Adjunct gets all old school up in hur and gives a nod back to the earlier years of its "Computer Funk" sound. Title track "Bass Up In The Mix" is a slab of dirty booty shakin' madness, with a Parliament style vocal ring around for some peak time action inside an alien discotheque. We got Jeff Milligan (Revolver Recordings) on board for remix duties and with his take on "Bass Up In The Mix", he breaks down the track into a whole other realm of abstract house, perfect for those early mornings on the beach with yo hand on the Mad Dog 20/20 and the sun glaring off the waves. The last track inside this trippy little EP is titled "She's A Deuce Baby" and is some sort of super filthy acid funk trip, complete with a very bouncy kick drum and cracky vocal snippets.... definitely not for the light of heart!

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