Album artwork for Bassian Plain EP

Bassian Plain EP Donald's House

Release date: November 25, 2022
Cat No: TFAD9
Barcode: 4250101450853
12,50 €
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Hey world, what happened?

Well anyway, Touch From A Distance is still here. Scratching our heads in awe of the ever-changing standstill of the past three years, we managed to get the ball rolling again with the help of Melbourne brothers extraordinaire Donald's House who have honed their skills during lockdown downunder to achieve the impossible: They got even better while pivoting towards a slightly different sound: Determined and muscular, yet trippy and playful. Juggling classic Acid and Progressive House tropes coupled with their prowess for perfectly balanced arrangements and catchy melodies, both „Bassian Plain“ and „The Isthmus Of Kra“ epitomise Pete's and Jim's peak time powers to fullest. The same goes for Alex Kassian's remix of „Bassian Plain“. Like Donald's House, Alex has been a core member of the Touch From A Distance family as one half of Opal Sunn from the start. He used the reset brought on by the pandemic to establish himself as one of the fastest rising stars of today's nightlife striking home with a slew of hit remixes and inspiring dj sets all over the world (keep your eyes peeled for a meeting of DH and AK in Australia soon).

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