Album artwork for Batch Plant Vol. 3, compiled by Rebar

Batch Plant Vol. 3, compiled by Rebar Various Artists

Release date: September 15, 2017
Cat No: MOCBP003
Barcode: 880319886515
Digital Single
Labelheads Rebar put forth the third installment of their various artist compilation, Batch Plant. Deep and dark atmospherics aggregate as main elements of the overall sound esthetic of the release, which comprises three original tracks and two remixes. Muskovites Defaultman & Shapurra ring in the first track „Shiza“, a mysterious and ambiental slice with an experimental flavour. Playing upon the mono and stereo tonality, the 11 minute track’s sinister mood is enhanced by a sombre spoken word vocal. Berliner transplant Luke Black offers up „Damp Hands“, a dark and gloomy dub techno exploration. Making headway in the same ominous sound zone as the first track, its subdued percussion and chopped up muted vocals make for an immersive yet stripped down juxtaposition.

Emerging with a restless bassline, Reformed Society’s „Solar Winds“ stands true to its title. Airy pads and spacious particles set up a highly galactic ambiance, conjuring up a whirlwind of techno distortion.

Pro-tez records co-founder Anton Kubikov takes on Defaultman & Shapurra’s „Shiza“, offering up a slightly less sinister yet still profoundly experimental take on the original.

The Rebar duo pick Luke Black’s „Damp Hands“ for a rework, injecting some “Tropical Heat” with extra punch in the bassline and turning it into a weird alternative of the initial piece

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