Batch Plant Vol. 4, Compiled By Danny Kotz

Release date: January 12, 2018
Cat No: MOCBP004
Barcode: 880319909917
The fourth edition of “Batch Plant” sees four tracks curated by Berlin-based producer and analog-digital hybrid live artist Danny Kotz, adding his own mark in the shape of the remix at number 5. First serving comes via Mr. Dello. The Greek producer brings with “Pashtunwali” a powerful techno exploration with an inverted groove, immersed in zippy synths and effervescent slabs. The most dynamic piece of the whole offering, it’s the perfect late night dungeon track. Yoikol, a Spanish producer whose penchant for classic analogue synths is evident in “Selective”. Kicks and pads make up the centerpiece, while a backdrop of solid bass and melancholic stirred synths make for a lively melody. A slew of minimal melodics enters afloat on “Alva”, Italian producer’s Simon Prod concoction. Spacious pads and airy synths pave the way for a smooth groove with all essential elements present. Steven Cock is no stranger to “moC” and he brings his signature bounce appeal on the compilation in the form of “Complete Dedication”. A playful piece, with neatly layered synth coils and glitchy textures, it’s definitely an energetic pick-me-up. Danny Kotz takes on Simon Prod’s composed “Alva”, adding extra layers while retaining its tranquil temperament overall. The result is a nervy, pulsating alternative to the original, rounding off the record in a raw yet subtlely gentle fashion.

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