Album artwork for Batch Plant Vol. 7, compiled by Rebar

Batch Plant Vol. 7, compiled by Rebar Various Artists

Release date: June 26, 2020
Cat No: MOCBP007
Barcode: 4250101418747
Rebar present a batch of a new slew of talents ranging from the Swiss duo FS Bart, to Konnektivmusik crew members Malena X Franssen and Berliner DJ Sylvie Maziarz. Sylvie Maziarz was busy in the past years touring the continent, but has recently switched focus to production. Enter 'She Is On Another Planet', a straightforward, punchy techno slice with a strong yet inviting energy. After inviting Rebar to release on their own Konnektivmusik label, Malena X Franssen bring their ethos to 'made of CONCRETE' with a dark, relentless construction bordering on nervous entitled 'Morus'. With an outspoken penchant for brutal, raw techno, FS Bart stay on point with 'Float', a stripped down atmospheric dubby track. Hosts Rebar take on 'Float', adding spaciousness and depth in a pensive and bubbling acid-hued rework.

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