Album artwork for Batumi

Batumi Invōker



Release date: June 26, 2020
Cat No: AZZ34
Barcode: 4250101418679
INVŌKER joins our small gathering with his second solo ep entitled "Batumi". No need to tell you that it has been love at first sight and welcoming a French artist on our imprint is always something special.

With this 3 tracker, the Parisian producer reveals once again his love for delicate melodies, sophisticated atmospheres, and organic rhythms.

The ep opens with 'Batumi', a stripped-back piece of music driven by a magnificent central synth line. A timeless track that proves once again that less is more.

'Jan Supi' gives an Italo punch to the ep by developing a central arpeggiated bassline coupled with hypnotic synths and melodies. The sound treatment is definitely indie-dance orientated and makes it very classy.

"Aren't We The Same" is a wonderful piece of Afro-House. The original slowly adds up elements and is accompanied by a subtle, gentle female chant carried on the fragile wings of the moderate drums. It's all built around a heart tearing melody that makes this track so epic... Goosebumps.

The ep close with on a wonderful remix by Biesman. The Berlin-based artist provides a dancefloor treatment to "Batumi" that makes the track outstanding for club uses. We have tried this one a lot of times and no doubt... It's a killer one.

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