Album artwork for Be Here

Be Here KMLN

Release date: September 2, 2016
Cat No: TOCR009
Barcode: 880319793011
Digital Single
Touch Of Class Records proudly presents, KMLN (pronounced “Kameleon”) a duo comprised of Italian producer / multi - instrumentalist, Christopher Tooker, and Canadian DJ/fashion designer, Shawna Hofmann.

True to their name, these chameleons can adapt to any sound whether it be a prime time or sunrise set, the artist within these two delivers through live instruments and syncopation, where organic meets the modern and the future meets the past.

TOCR presents a four-song, all original composition from the talented and inspiring duo called “Be Here.” Each song is a masterpiece in its own, comprising of vocal and instrumental performances by Worth, Rocka, N.I.M. and Freddi Price.

The EP’s lead track ‘Be Here’ is a passionate existential vocal by Christopher Worth in the tone of R&B singing about the power of slowing down your mind and being present in the moment. “Be Here”, crosses between a dancefloor track but stays true to classic songwriting format. The subterranean bass and heart pounding kicks hold the groove while the soul infused organs and synths carry you to a thoughtful place, driving the intimacy of emotions.

Following the lead single is this summer's dancefloor shocker, ‘ProNoia’-- a tribute to the gritty stripped down essentials of old school deep house. Shamari Rocka’s vocal contains tone’s of comedy, sexiness and a light but precise call out to the female figure in his imagination.

Then, enter the otherworldly dimensions of, ‘Bunzi’ -- a sonic journey into a land of fantasy, where mystery and magic reign. Follow the bracing vocals of a woman welcoming and tickling you with delight and washing your worries away, leaving you relaxed and thoughtless. Seriousness and passion follow, the instrument Sand Rabab opens the portal to an uncharted territory, grounding you and allowing you to once again feel your body.

The final piece in this timeless musical puzzle is, ‘Sirena’ featuring Freddi Price. This song tells the tale of the impossible love scene between a sailor lost at sea and a mermaid, calling him to be with her forever beneath the sea. Vocals and trumpet delivered by the multi-talented Freddi Price of the legendary Extra Action Marching Band from Oakland, California.

The “Be Here EP” is set for a end of summer release which will carry you along side the beautiful sun as it rises and sets wherever your travels take you. Two incredibly beautiful videos will accompany this release, one for ‘Be Here’ and the other for ‘ProNoia,’ premiering beginning to mid August.

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