Album artwork for Beautiful Tree EP

Beautiful Tree EP Lewis Fautzi

Cat No: Soniculture Unlimited 007
Barcode: 880319584510
Soniculture Unlimited 007
Lewis Fautzi is the most recent addition to the Soniculture catalogue. This young portuguese producer has already released fine techno tracks on his own label Konstrukt and many others, such as Phobiq, Magna, Dsr Israel, That’s Hot, Ksl, Land of Voodoo, Itzamna and Music life. For Soniculture he has prepared a very special EP that will rock the most demanding dance floors. Get ready for something special! “Beautiful Tree” can be seen as psychedelic techno in its most original form. The whole dancing experience is even made easier with the groove line that feeds it, along with great drum sequencing. A floor filler, period. “Tree” brings in the darkness and takes us through a journey filled with hypnotic wavelengths, while “Crack” summons in the groove with a strong bass line that boosts up the energy levels. Another one to generate mayhem in the dance floor. The EP ends in a more downtempo fashion with “A trip into my world”, although still very danceable and groovy with nice synth lines to bring joy into our souls. Be on the lookout for future releases from this young and talented producer. Beware! Beware!

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