Album artwork for Berghain 03 - Len Faki

Berghain 03 - Len Faki V.A.

Release date: April 20, 2009
Cat No: Ostgut CD 08
Barcode: 880319412325
Ostgut CD 08
13,70 €
For anyone who experienced Len Faki internationally as a peaktime DJ or who only know him for his productions, the second, more house-y part of 'Berghain 03' might come as a surprise, as this aspect of his DJing has so far been reserved to his marathons at Berghain. But Faki rises to the special challenge of presenting such a set during the length of a CD, without suffering the loss of the broad stylisitc range of such a night. Being able to show that it's still possible to bring oppositional tracks into a coherent context on this mix has been a task close to Len's heart. As a matter of fact, this is the main theme of 'Berghain 03'. Techno and house don't appear as antagonists here, but rather are the manifestations of the same emotive erruptions. By changing styles Len Faki reveals connections you can feel. By layering the tracks for very long periods they all appear in a new light. In spite of the stylistic openness, 'Berghain 03' is still a techno mix. For Len Faki, techno is the music of happiness. The energy of the dancefloor feeds back to the turntables and creates a loop driving dancers into ecstasy, bedazzling listeners during the course of 20 tracks; from John Beltran's orchestral sounds to Burial's fey Dubstep.

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