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Berlin/Offenbach 2008 - 2016

Release date: April 21, 2017
Cat No: Mule Musiq 212
Barcode: 880319854132
16,90 €
  • 58974c062427e
  • release
germany-via- artist osker offermann, the owner of leading label white presents us a quality dou-bled package on the mule, strongly effecting his meditated mindsets.

as well as his dj sets, his crafted productions have a superb balance between being not too exces-sive, but not being too minimalistic - creating the dynamism which make people move, based on his own aesthetic featured with well-polished, functional electro phrases and raw machine beats.

because of its floating grooves, will be nice for club use, but also surely will be a good accompany for the home-listening. oskar continually points forward us the fact, that listening to deep house is no longer meandering journey, but something meaningful and fruitful in your life.

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