Album artwork for Beware of the Dark

Beware of the Dark Billy Dalessandro

Release date: December 6, 2019
Cat No: Soniculture Unlimited 028
Barcode: 4250101413186
Digital Single
Soniculture Unlimited 028
Soniculture is back stronger than ever with the new release from Billy Dalessandro who is known for bringing the High to the Tech in electronic music, weaving the path to the future. “Johnny Bites”, is strong and hypnotic, going through the dark paths of techno and evolving in a way that culminates in a melodic storm of arpeggios and madness. “Crashing the System” is smooth, with crafty drum arrangements and subtle synths that remind us of his early releases on Force Inc. all vamped up to the new millennium. “Heart Desert Nights” gives us a chilled and engaging feeling, exactly how it would feel if a breeze would pass by during a hot desert night. It all wraps up with an ambient track “Circle of the 4ths”, that can be used for listening, as a dj tool, a ringtone, an alarm or for any other useful purpose that may please you. Artwork has been conceived by the extremely talented and renowned visual artist from Montreal, Alexandra Levasseur. For more information about her work, check: This is the first of a collection of 6 releases that will be out on Soniculture in the following months. They will be out first exclusively on Make sure you are one of the first to have them!

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