Album artwork for Bipp Autechre Remix

Bipp Autechre Remix Sophie



Release date: April 30, 2021
Cat No: nmbrs67
Barcode: 4250101429118
16,90 €
  • 607029fe85a98
  • release
Numbers present a very special release from the late SOPHIE. On the A we have a fulfilled prophecy... Back in 2015 SOPHIE stated that no one could remix her, unless it's Autechre. Five years later, they delivered. Slowing SOPHIE's subverted take on classic NY house down to an 1989-style, B-side dubby trip, the pioneers keep that riff bubbling subtly but bring her voice to the fore in a sultry, 6AM way. Flip for another special as a bonus digital track 'Unisil' brings a brittle technoid twist on wax for the first time. This can make you feel better.

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