Album artwork for Birch Not Glass

Birch Not Glass Bevich Vvond

Release date: November 30, 2018
Barcode: 4250101402128
Digital Single
»Martin Hossbach« is excited to release »Birch Not Glass«, the debut single from Bevich Vvond taken from the upcoming full-length album »New Smoke« to be released in early 2019. »›Birch Not Glass‹ introduces a female ›avatar‹ from the perspective of a male mind, wherein the female persona becomes a dominant force. The song begins with the imagined figure contemplating her body but by the second verse she has taken control – looking down on a male body with authority. Beyond this, the song is more wholly about achieving emanci-pation or the celebration of a state of independence,« Bevich Vvond says. The track and two additional remixes by alva noto (Carsten Nicolai) and Katzenauge (Lothar Hempel) will be released digitally worldwide, dis-tributed by Kompakt with an accompanying video directed by award-winning Danish filmmaker, artist and writer Ivalo Frank (

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