Album artwork for Black Mambo EP

Black Mambo EP Sigward

Release date: September 1, 2014
Cat No: SoHaSo 004
Barcode: 880319679711
Sold Out
I woke up from a dream, I dreamt of my Mother. I haven't seen her for a while. The dream is the only place I could see her, since she left this world. I always believed that she went to another universe, and often she came to see me. We would do something fun together. This time, we were picking coconuts from a big tree. The coconuts rather looked like pine tree cones. But they were big and green and there was fresh, juicy coconut flesh inside. We were using a lengthy stick, knocking on the fruits. And then they fall, one by one, like a dance... This is the story, the falling coconuts dance from another universe. 

Continuing his ear-tingling strike of releases, Nuno dos Santos is putting Sigward on the stage for the fourth instalment of Something Happening Somewhere. With remixes from Simon Garcia and Scott Fraser based on two originals, the dark has been encapsulated on a record. Melancholic, subdued, tranquillised but packed with energy, there’s something for every dancefloor out there, even if you happen to be a six-fingered DJ. 

Recorded in a damp, hot studio jungle somewhere in the Hague, the original Black Mambo’s dragging beat and melancholic synths and vocals feel like a cry for help, reflected from wet cave walls. Simon Garcia’s remix flips the vibe, moving the vocal forward and covering it with little acid insects crawling all over. Scott Frasers reconstruction of Sigwards MX86 only adds to the atmosphere. A slow burning, eleven minute composition that takes epic to another level. The original arpeggiated beast called MX86 will be included as a digital bonus to round of this EP.

The falling coconuts dance from another universe. Six fingers. Coloured spheres jettisoned from their spot on the square grid. Something Happening Somewhere 04 is here. Get that Mambo out of the box.

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