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Black Monday EP Fabrice Lig

Release date: May 15, 2020
Cat No: SYST0127-6
Barcode: 4250101415364
9,20 €
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Belgian techno OG Fabrice Lig returns to Systematic with one of his most personal and moving EPs to date: ‘Black Monday’ His most substantial release on Marc Romboy’s label since his ‘Purple Raw’ series a few years back, each track is written as a special tribute to four people who’ve had a massively positive impact on Fabrice’s life, but have sadly since passed on. Expressing himself in the most honest, articulate way he can, this one runs deeper than deep.

‘Jim The Magnificent Fox’ is a dark, strident tribute to FlashForward resident Christophe Adam. A doctor in criminology and psychology, an exceptional DJ and a dear friend to Fabrice, you can feel the emotion on every jagged edge.

‘Mr Wa’ follows. Striking poses at every possible opportunity, this dedication to an old school friend in his hometown Charleroi. Bright, breezy and laced with movement and variation, it’s a celebration of the positive energy and time Wa always gave to people.

‘Marc’s Tribal Dance’ follows. A hip-shifting, butt-wriggling funk techno workout, this commemorates Marc Morgan. A gifted French singer, and also Fabrice’s good friend and publisher, he’s another soul who has left us too soon.

Finally ‘Pivert The Playmobil’. Another firm ally and creative genius from Fabrice’s hometown, Pivert passed away a few years ago but his impact on Lig has never faded. Light, jazzy and sprinkled with acid, it’s a fittingly reflective finale for a touching, thoughtful EP. Four stunning tracks, four beautiful tributes, four great men remembered, one powerful reminder to tell our friends how much we appreciate them…

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