Album artwork for Blinded

Blinded Coloray



Release date: July 8, 2022
Cat No: DGTL 021
Barcode: 4250101446467
With a compelling 80s attitude that guides his work, Berlin's multi-talented DJ, producer, and 3D Graphic Designer Coloray's future looks brighter than ever. Cutting his teeth as part of the famed Tunnelvisions duo, Coloray infuses a powerful yet unpolished sound with relentless energy, occupying a space somewhere between mechanical electronics and early EBM. His vigorous arrangements have been felt on labels like Innervisions, Permanent Vacation, Atomnation, his own Intercept imprint, and a 2019 dancefloor smash collaboration with Eagles & Butterflies on Art Imitating Life. As a solo artist or part of Tunnelvisions, Coloray has cut his DJ teeth in both the international and highly competitive Dutch scenes. No stranger to DGTL, Coloray has graced its Amsterdam festival decks and popped up on its 5th-anniversary compilation with the track Polarity.

Created specifically for DGTL's 2022 season launch, Blinded also represents Coloray's first DGTL Records release all to himself. The track is a full-on summertime, feel-good jam. Its 80s aesthetics come out strong with sun-drenched synths, soaring melodies, and Coloray's own vocals. In listening to Blinded, one can't help but evoke festival anthems from the likes of Empire of the Sun and MGMT. Blinded is a song built for summer stages, whether the shimmering A-side or the slightly filtered B-side version.

On the track, Coloray describes Blinded as a highly personal journey through isolation: "a track I've made to celebrate the return of nightlife, and the end of a long period of isolation for a lot of people. The track is supposed to feel like a warm hug, something that can be soothing. Through the track, I've incorporated bits and pieces I've recorded the last two years of things happening around me: a Berlin ambulance, a politician saying he's done with isolation, and an old man on youtube saying everything good and bad eventually comes to an end. The lyrics are, at first sight, talking about a literal welcome back to the audience, but it's also a welcome back to myself, feeling lost as an artist without that same audience.

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