East End Boys

Label: Dial
Release date: October 12, 2009
Cat No: Dial 047
Barcode: 880319434112
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After his outstanding Album debut Christian Naujoks is back with the first part of a 12" trilogy to be released on Dial Records. Adoring the sound of pitched down pre-recorded strings dressed in deep, dub-styled echoes, East End Boys is a song dedicated to the raw and powerful sublimity of physical sound. The song was created while Naujoks was working on a live set for the Akustic Saloon at legendary Berlin based Berghain Club in April 2009. Overwhelmed by his flatmates live performance, Lawrence decided to produce a remix of his favorite Christian Naujoks tune "Bloom" wich appears on the flipside. The boys I mean are not refined, they speak whatever's on their mind, do whatever's in their pants. The boys I mean are not refined, they shake the mountains when they dance. - which I like.