Album artwork for Blue Planet

Blue Planet Kimshies

Release date: April 7, 2023
Barcode: 4250101454974
Digital Single
The first release of 2023 on Damon Jee’s imprint Dust & Blood comes by French duo Kimshies and once again, the guys show what they can do best, explosive indie dance and dark disco for the dancefloor.

Long-time friends and collaborators Peo Watson and Michael Frojman have returned with the latest in a string of releases following their reunion in 2018. After a twelve-year break, the French duo decided to team up again when their 2004 undercover vinyl only tune was brought back into the limelight during one of Solomun’s sets. Since their rebirth, they’ve more than made up for lost time with powerful releases on exclusive labels such as Aeon, Duro and Ombra. Their new offering ‘Blue Planet’ is an intricate and futuristic five-tracker that showcases their unique technical talent and eclectic influences.

The sci-fi-inspired title track invites the listener to dive in head first, setting the tone with its ebb and flow of intricately wrought layers. Urgent stabs combine with a relentless beat and distorted, echoing whispers in a surreal fever dream.

‘Cortex Five Senses’ then brings a retro touch with its driving synth line and unpredictable sound, building up into an explosion of tension as seductive yet almost pleading vocals bleed into each other in a desperate dialogue.

It’s followed by ‘Trapped’ (featuring Erick Faulkner), an intense track that evokes a feeling of unrest and panic with ominous lyrics backed by an aggressive rhythm and urgent sirens.

The electric and evocative ‘Cowboys Don’t Cry’ switches up the vibe with hypnotic riffs straight out of a classic Western movie and a heady, electrifying bassline that runs throughout, perfectly underlining the enigmatic female vocals.

The release wraps up with ‘Coming Out’, an eerie stomper of a track that takes the listener into unfamiliar territory, with distant, almost robotic voices seeping through looming alien sounds and a hard beat.

This unpredictable EP never releases its grip, masterfully building tension from the get-go to leave you breathless and wanting more. Set to be released on April 7th via Damon Jee’s uncompromising and cosmic Dust & Blood imprint.

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