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Blurry Mind EP

Release date: June 9, 2017
Cat No: FT007
Barcode: 4050486989043
9,70 €
  • 592599236363d
  • release
Ninze & Okaxy`s "Blurry Mind" , a frame of their impressions & work , as sine qua non for every listener, and a memory of all their travels over the past year. For the last half a decade NINZE & OKAXY have been establishing a significant and experimental sound, self-branded Ketapop, by creating a spherical, yet melancholic atmosphere with a distinctive deepness and complex sound patterns. As part of the Laut & Luise family, and working their magic with side-project WIDE AWAKE. The Blurry Mind EP contains three unreleased tracks and plus the Soundcloud hit Four that is now officially published.

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