Album artwork for Bonus Remixes

Bonus Remixes Christian Morgenstern

Release date: March 17, 2017
Cat No: KSQ 049
Barcode: 880319854019
Digital Single
KSQ 049
This diverse Bonus Remix package celebrates our upcoming, very exclusive vinyl Box – produced by German artist Thomas Scheibitz – out on the 18th of March. The first track is Don Williams’s remix of “Miscellaneous pt. 4” - a solid bounce, creating a classical vibe accentuated by the original chord sample shining on top of an irrepressible groove. Sirko Müller’s remix of “Visco Space Saves The World Pt. 1” preserves the raw 90s techno vibe of the much more heavy original - delivering a jacking, bouncy interpretation of Morgenstern’s noisy industrial monster. The third remix is Jeff Rushin’s version of “Gem Club” - a hypnotic masterpiece, with an undulating bassline rubbing against the roaring original sample, while building great tension on the dance-floor.

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